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Description: For today's Tech Thursday we cover everything you need to know about BMX Tires in this weeks BMX Tire 101! The 4 main components of a tire are The Tread, The Sidewall, The Body and the bead. The tire bead can either be steal or kevlar (non folding vs folding tires), and the sidewall and tread are the main things that differentiate the vast majority of tires. Whether its a dirt, street, park, vert or flatland tire they can all be used on any terrain, but they all do excel at one certain area. For this particular video we looked at the Fit FAF, Cult Vans, Cult AK, BSD Alex "Donnasqueak" Donnachie, Stranger Ballast, Primo Steve Churchil, KHE MAC 2, and Merritt Option tires.Hope you enjoyed this video!Please let me know in the comments about videos you want to see, other tutorials, and any other suggestions you guys might have!Thank you everyone :)Please make sure to subscribe to my channel: Come Up BMX Jumper song: ALFREDOMANCUSO
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