GTA 5 - Pegassi Tempesta Customization | Custom Cars #3 (Best Cars to Customize)

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Description: GTA 5 - Pegassi Tempesta Customization | Custom Cars #3 (Best Cars to Customize)Today we build and customize the NEW Pegassi Tempesta and in this episode, I review it and take it out on the race track to see how it performs and for a super car, it actually has a high amount of customizations.Throughout this series I will be using cars that are available in the game (no mods) and customize them to see what is available. I will also be taking them through a series of different challenges, online or in story mode, in order to see how they perform. Today we took the Tempesta out on the LS GT World Cup Race Track to see how fast this car really was.Now, I am not a big fan of Super Cars. I'll be honest, I prefer to drive Sports class cars or anything that I think looks good or is great at handling when free roaming in GTA 5 Online. But this car was pretty nice for me, I didn't love it but I didn't dislike it, at all. It was fast, had a very quick transmission (not sure this makes any difference to the speed of the car, but it was still really quick) and overall looked decent. Also, I didn't really struggle to find a good looking paint job for this car. I went with silver first then changed to a dark grey colour. But I think the best paint job for the Tempsta would be a brighter colour, such as red or a lime green. Overall, this car was really good when custom and it was really fun to build and drive and I'm really glad I bought it.For me, the Tempesta looks a little bit weird, as if there were two cars merged in to one weird. The body shape looks somewhat complex and has lots of different angled edges which I like, but when adding some customizations it made the car look even weirder for some reason. But overall, a very nice looking car.Do I recommend you buy this car? Well, for the price, it's pretty good. I don't know how fast it is compared to the likes of the X80 or the T20, for example. But it's relatively fast and handles pretty well and compared to the X80 for example, the price isn't that bad at all. But yeah, I would say if you're looking for something different then go for it and buy it, it's a solid car.Social Media:● Twitter -● Twitch -● Subscribe! - now to Curse Network - Union for Gamers!●
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