World's 1st Skateboarding Alligator!! Brian Barczyk

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Description: World's 1st Skateboarding Alligator! My 5 foot alligator and me skateboard. I believe this is Youtube’s video of an alligator skateboarding. Let me know in the comments below if there are any other videos of skateboarding with alligators. It is so cool that RJ is the world’s 1st alligator to skateboard!! What is your favorite skateboarding animal video or world 1st video? Thank you for watching : World’s 1st Skateboarding Alligator!****Check out an all NEW SnakeBytesTV: How It’s Made- Snake Bedding! : *********SUBSCRIBE NOW to Brian Barczyk's vlog channel for more awesome videos- PREVIOUS VLOGS: MY WEDNESDAY SHOW TO LEARN ALL ABOUT SNAKES - SNAKEBYTESTV - Fan Mail to: BHB Enterprises P.O. Box 182306 Shelby Township, MI 48318SHOP NOW: SBTV-DON'T FEAR, RESPECT T-shirts, thermals, stickers, hats and beanies AVAILABLE NOW!! Barczyk Links---------------------------------Facebook: Links---------------------------------Twitter: OTHER CHANNEL!!!!!!-----------------------------------AnimalBytesTV Links-----------------------------------Channel Link: you for watching: Thank you for watching World’s 1st Skateboarding Alligator...Please share!
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