BunDucksLiga 2017 - You decided where the next race will take place...

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Description: The crazy duck race is back: The third edition of the BunDucksLiga is coming soon. This year, the fans have decided where the showdown will take place. 52% of you voted for Indoors, so this is where the race will take place. Click here to see the results and find out how the BunDucksLiga 2017 works: http://www.bundesliga.com/en/fanzone/bunducksliga/► Subscribe now: http://bndsl.ga/sub► Watch Bundesliga in your country: http://bndsl.ga/watchBLThe Official Bundesliga YouTube channel gives you access to clips from Germany's football league that you won't find anywhere else. Subscribe now and visit us at http://bndsl.ga/comYT to see what all the noise is about!
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