Rihanna Charity Dinner Conversations With Will Smith & Joel Salatin Tai Lopez coach talk

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Description: If you like that video - grab your FREE gift by clicking the link below best-solutions-now.infoTai Lopez was on a Charity Dinner. Coach talk"Got to talk to Rihanna and Will Smith but the funniest part was bringing Joel Salatin, my first mentor, with me. He is a farmer and had never heard of Rihanna. A Michael Jackson song was playing and he asked me "Is that Rihanna?" haha... Love it!"Make the best solution to you NOW to receive on daily base awesome content, which will be 100% useful for you and open to you more doors of opportunities:SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel and get a bunch of very useful videosFOLLOW US on Instagram and get the best quotes about health, wealth, relations and personal development! - https://www.instagram.com/bestsolutionsnow/FOLLOW US on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Best-Solutions-743554895796997/?ref=bookmarks BE SAFE,KIRILL AND MIKE
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