Cristiano Ronaldo offers his fourth Ballon d'Or to the Bernabéu!

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Description: Kopa, Zidane, Ronaldo, Figo and Owen accompanied the forward onto the pitch, as he received the award from Paco Gento.SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel and never miss another Real Madrid video! RealMadrid App. with Real Madrid to receive more official content and our best offers. Real Madrid on FACEBOOK: Real Madrid on TWITTER: US on SNAPCHAT: realmadridFOLLOW Real Madrid on INSTAGRAM: US on GOOGLE +:关注皇家马德里腾信微博:关注皇家马德里Sina微博:关注皇家马德里Wechat @皇家马德里足球俱乐部LINE: Real Madrid C.F. (JP) (日本語)TWITTER: (日本語)
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