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Description: My last video filmed in 2016! I spent New Year's Eve skateboarding at the Maplewood Skatepark in New Jersey with homies and going to a premiere for a local full length video. I also talk about my new year's resolutions, specifically in regards to skateboarding + YouTubeMAPLEWOOD NEW JERSEY VLOGMuch love guys! Happy 2017 :)p.s. this is the first video I edited in Premiere instead of iMovie, and I have no idea why the first two sped up clips glitched outHOMIESAron - - - (Full Length) - me know if I missed any links that I mentioned lolMUSICLonely Nights Are Fun by Lox. - for videos every 3 days!FOLLOW ME ONInstagram - @georgejpoulosSnapchat - @hospitalflipSKATE GEARDeck - @LAZERTACOTrucks - - - - - GEARCamera - battery - card - - Muff - count - 14,626*** Like my set up / skate shoes / camera stuff and want to support my channel? I receive a small commission from purchases made using the links above. Much love for the support. ***
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