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Description: Decided to do something alittle different this time. We teamed up with the homie Jack Fahey (@JackBMX) for a little game of FrontFlip. We ended up running out of spots to do Frontflips, so we switched the game over to Flair. Clairemont doesnt really have that many good banks, they are either super sketchy, or they are just un-frontflipable. Maybe a V2? Comment below if you would enjoy another game of FrontFlip.Check out Jacks YouTube, by following this link out our Social Media Instagram-@Undialedtv@ClaytonLindley@WhiteTrashWillyTwitter@Clayton_Lindley_Thank you guys for watching! It would mean the entire world to us if you guys were to share this video! Also if you were to Subscribe to our YouTube and follow all the links as you saw above!Our video Playlist can help you decide which great video you want to watch first!Checks-
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