TOP 100 Handball Saves of 2016 - French League

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Description: Amazing 100 handball saves of 2016 from french handball league.PLEASE SUBSCRIBE ▶ interesting handball year is behind us in french league. The league has become home of outstanding handball goalkeepers. Almost every team has pair of excellent keepers. This video is a little collage of their best moments from previous year.Complete list of top handball saves of 2016 :100.Yann Genty, Chambery99.Nebojsa Grahovac, Chartres98.Wesley Pardin, Toulouse97.William Annotel, Dunkerque96.Francois Xavier Chapon, Ivry95.Mate Sunjic, Creteil94.Yassine Idrissi Toulouse93.Jeff Lettens, Cesson Rennes92.Cyril Dumoulin, Toulouse91.Arnaud Siffert, Nantes90.Mickael Robin, Creteil89.Vincent Gerard, Montpellier88.Remy Gervelas, Ivry87.Szilveszter Liszkai, Tremblay86.William Annotel, Dunkerque85.Cyril Dumoulin, Toulouse84.Nebojsa Grahovac, Chartres83.Alexandre Demaille, Dunkerque82.Mickael Robin, Creteil81.Yassine Idrissi Toulouse80.Slavisa Djukanovic, St.Raphael79.Remy Gervelas, Ivry78.Vincent Gerard, Montpellier77.Mickael Robin, Creteil76.Miroslav Kocic, Saran75.Thomas Bauer, Aix74.Aljosa Rezar, Nimes73.Yassine Idrissi Toulouse72.Mikkel Hansen, Paris71.Alexandre Demaille, Dunkerque70.Miroslav Kocic, Saran69.Wesley Pardin, Toulouse68.Julien Meyer Chambery67.Ole Erevik, Aix66.Radivoje Ristanovic, Chambery65.Vincent Gerard, Montpellier64.Slavisa Djukanovic, St.Raphael63.Patrice Annonay, Paris62.Yassine Idrissi Toulouse61.William Annotel, Dunkerque60.Slavisa Djukanovic, St.Raphael59.Kevin Bonnefoi, Cesson Rennes58.Ole Erevik, Aix57.Yann Genty, Chambery56.Francois Xavier Chapon, Ivry55.Mihai Popescu, St.Raphael54.Vincent Gerard, Montpellier53.Remy Gervelas, Ivry52.Yassine Idrissi Toulouse51.Yann Genty, ChamberyTop 50 saves:50.Thierry Omeyer, Paris49.Alexandre Demaille, Dunkerque48.Francois Xavier Chapon, Ivry47.Kevin Bonnefoi, Cesson Rennes46.Robin Cappelle, Aix45.Alexis Poirier, Saran44.Aljosa Rezar, Nimes43.Gorazd Skof, Paris42.Vincent Gerard, Montpellier41.Wiliam Annotel, Dunkerque40.Francois Xavier Chapon, Ivry39.Ole Erevik, Aix38.Mickael Robin, Creteil37.Patrice Annonay, Paris36.Nikola Portner, Montpellier35.Mihai Popesu, St.Raphel34.Kevin Bonnefoi, Cesson33.Remi Desbonet, Nimes32.Francois Chapon, Ivry31.Kevin Bonnefoi, Cesson Rennes30.Mickael Robin, Creteil29.Thomas Bauer, Aix28.Nebojsa Grahovac, Chartres27.Thierry Omeyer, Paris26.William Annotel, Dunkerque25.Nebojsa Grahovac, Chartres24.Mate Sunjic, Cretil23.Francois Chapon, Ivry22.Julien Meyer, Chambery21.Alexandre Demaille, Dunkerque20.Thomas Bauer, Aix19.Nikola Portner, Montpellier18.Aljosa Rezar, Nimes17.Yann Genty, Chambery16.Miroslav Kocic, Saran15.Alexandre Demaille, Dunkerque14.Mihai Popescu, St.Raphael13.Thierry Omeyer, Paris12.Remy Gervelas, Ivry11.Cyril Dumoulin, NantesTop 10 handball saves of french lidl league :10.Thomas Bauer, Aix9.Slavisa Djukanovic, St.Raphael8.Nebojsa Grahovac, Chartres7.Ole Erevik, Aix6.Mihai Popescu, St.Raphael5.Francois Chapon, Ivry4.Vincent Gerard, Montpellier3.Wesley Pardin, Toulouse2.Bart Ravensbergen, Selestat1.Remy Gervelas, US IvryPlease Subscribe!
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