Cristiano Ronaldo tries to hit camera during Real Madrid training

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Description: Cristiano Ronaldo tries to hit camera during Real Madrid trainingCristiano tras otro pelotazo a la prensa: "Calma, calma"Cristiano Ronaldo chuta un balón a la prensa en el entreno del Real MadridEl jugador portugués del Real Madrid golpeó el balón en dirección a los compañeros de la prensa que presenciaban el entrenamiento.Cristiano Ronaldo usually loves having the camera on him. Not today. The reigning Ballon d’Or holder took aim at one during Real Madrid’s training session. It wasn’t a malicious hit, though. Ronaldo simply wanted to test the cameraman’s reflexes with a gentle chip. Sure enough, our alert media brother swerved out of that collision. Phew.Magnifying glasses out, folksWhat angle are we going to look at this Ronaldo behaviour from with our silly in-depth analysis? Magnifying glasses out, folks. He was rested last night for Madrid’s 3-0 win over Sevilla in the Copa Del Rey. Obsessive about records and scoring, Ronaldo sees every rest as a missed opportunity. Success doesn’t sleep. Or else it gets a full eight hours.Or maybe this is the chirpy behaviour of a player coming off the back of an incredible year. Ronaldo won more trophies and awards than he could count in 2016. Maybe his chip was a toast to 2017, aimed to clink off the camera lens. ‘Here’s to you, my media chum,’ he might have thought.Maybe it was nothing but mischievous behaviour. Maybe it was everything except mischievous behaviour.Twitter: channel:
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