★ What if... Tim Burton directed George Clooney's Batman? ★

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Description: Happy 2017 everyone. Thank you to all you lovely people for subbing to my channel. This is the first in a new series I'm doing called 'What If'. Simply put, taking moments from franchises, taking them in a different direction and making a new film.Inspired by the animated film 'Batman: Sub-Zero' suggested to me by my friend Nathan, and after the success of my Batman Forever trailer, I set myself the insane challenge of doing the same with Batman and Robin. The major difference was the re cast of Mr Freeze as Michael C Hall, who when you listen to his voice, I hope one day he will take up the mantel. Also I think Robin becoming Nightwing in the 4th film would have added an interesting dynamic too.I hope you enjoy it, and if you do, give the video a like, share and subscribe.WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/METALEDITORTWITTER: @METALEDITORINSTAGRAM: @SIR_IBBINGTONThis is a non profit fan made trailer and all content is owned by their respective parties.
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