STORKS Movie Mistakes (2016) - Andy Samberg, Jennifer Aniston Movie HD

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Description: Storks Movie Mistakes (2016) - Andy Samberg, Jennifer Aniston Movie HDHere are 9 STORKS Goofs and Mistakes you didn't see in this animated movieStorks convey babies - or if nothing else they used to. Presently, they convey bundles for a worldwide web retail monster. Junior the stork (Andy Samberg), the organization's top conveyance stork, arrives in boiling point water when the Baby Factory delivers a cute however completely unapproved young lady. Frantic to convey this heap of inconvenience, Junior and his companion Tulip (Katie Crown), the main human on Stork Mountain, race against time to make their first child drop before the manager (Kelsey Grammer) discovers.Our Social Media Links:►Check Us Out On Facebook►Visit Us At Pinterest►Twitter:►Google Plus: The Website:►
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