Lunar Chinese New Year Makeup Tutorial - Chinese Fashion 中华风 Kinesisk mode 中国系の一重メイク

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Description: 本视频受法律保护,禁止转载,禁止二改,侵权必究。I am always late when it comes to uploading "festive makeup tutorial". But this time I am super early xD!!! Almost 2 month early?? I love china dresses, especially the simple ones that can be worn as a daily dress! Even tho i named it lunar new year makeup, you can also wear this makeup on daily basis for any kind of black x red look! Little flowers on the cheeks and red eyeshadow never hurts anybody 8DHope you liked the tutorial of this simple black x red look! If you are reading this right now, I wish you a super nice day!Hugs! Love you./Vivii----Products used:Eyeshadow palette - Morphe KathleenLights paletteConcealer - Maybeline fit me 15Eyeliner - The Sailormoon eyelinerLiquid lipstick - Kat Von D - Double dare, Nosferatu NYX white jumbo eye pencilYSL gloss 1 goldSleek Highlighter♥ You can also find me here:♥ My instagram:♥ My twitter:♥ My facebook page:♥ My tumblr:♥ My blog:♥ My weibo:♥ Business contact:❐ MUSIC Shleepytime - Swim: Ishikari Lore av Kevin MacLeod licensieras under licensen Creative Commons Attribution (älla:
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