Tips for Surviving Icy Runs Snowboarding

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Description: Today I'm snowboarding on Franz's run which is one of the iciest runs on Whistler mountain! Whistler has been extremely cold and busy the last week, which can create very icy conditions. When turning down icy runs it's important to stay balanced over your snowboard. If you put too much weight over your heel or toes it can cause your snowboard to slide out on the ice. Another tips is to let your snowboard slide with the ice. It can be difficult to use your edges aggressively on the ice, so the best option is to slide with it. Finally look ahead and try to avoid the iciest parts of the run. I find that the sides of the run usually have the best snow conditions. Thanks for watching and be safe on the ice! KEVIN INSTAGRAM: @snowboardprocampFACEBOOK: CONTACT: snowboardprocamp@gmail.comMUSIC:
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