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Description: Today we turned a canoe paddle in a skateboard as part of our "Skate Everything" series: and it turned out awesome! Big thanks to Tony for sending us this one! If you have a submission for Skate Everything or You Make It, We Skate It please send it to: skateit@brailleskateboarding.com CAN LEARN TO SKATEBOARD! CLICK ABOVE TO GET THE MOST DETAILED HOW TO SKATEBOARD LESSON PLAN EVER MADE! SKATEBOARDING MADE SIMPLE!Big thanks to Fabian Doerig for coming out and skating. Subscribe to his channel here: SKATEBOARDING MADE SIMPLE ON iBOOKS! SKATEBOARDING MADE SIMPLE ON GOOGLE PLAY Made Simple on Amazon: ON SOCIAL MEDIAINSTAGRAM +:!/BrailleSkateFor general inquiries email contact@brailleskateboarding.comFor business, brand or media inquiries please email jen@brailleskateboarding.comCHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE FOR ALL THE LATEST BRAILLE NEWS AND UPDATES!!! http://www.brailleskateboarding.comTHUMBS UP FOR MORE VIDEOS!PLAYLISTS LINKS FOR MOBILE USERSlearn to skate: SUPPORT motion videos of the week the directions in this video to submit your videos for Skate Support- help me out by commenting, and subscribing it really really helps me out a lot!RSS SUBSCRIBE:,Aaron Kyro
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